Antenna-Grade Laminates Boast Low Dielectric Losses

A new family of antenna-grade laminates offers compatibility with standard printed-circuitboard (PCB) fabrication techniques and plated-through-hole processing. The RO4730 LoPro series is designed for base-station and other radio-frequency-identification (RFID) antennas. To reduce fabrication costs, the halogen-free laminates support longer drill tool lifetimes than other filled materials. They deliver a uniform dielectric constant across each sheet with low dissipation losses, low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and impressive dimensional stability. The laminate's low dielectric-loss tangent helps deliver high-performance antenna designs reliably and consistently. The company will soon be adding a low-loss PTFE antenna-grade laminate to its product mix as well.

Rogers Corp., Advanced Circuit Materials Div., 100 S. Roosevelt Ave., Chandler, AZ 85226-3415; (480) 961-1382 or (877) 643-7701, FAX: (480) 961-4533, Internet:

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