Amplifier Keeps Noise To 0.75 dB

To enable greater sensitivity for receiver applications, the TAMP-1521GLN+ ultra-low-noise amplifier (LNA) flaunts a typical noise figure of 0.75 dB. The 50-Ω amplifier operates from 1380 to 1520 MHz. Built into a shielded case measuring 0.591 x 0.394 x 0.118 in., the drop-in module boasts a typical third-order intercept point of +27 dBm with gain of 35 dB. Together with flatness of 0.7 dB, such gain should allow it to insulate a receiver's noise figure from component losses or from the noise figure of the second-stage amplifier. With typical return loss of 18 dB at the input and output ports, the TAMP-1521GLN+ can be used in cascade with many 50-Ω components while maintaining minimal interaction or reflections. It leverages advanced E-PHEMT technology in a two-stage design.

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