600-W Pallet Amplifier Is Flat From 10 To 80 MHz

A new two-stage, Class AB pallet amplifier was designed for industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) applications operating with pulsed signals (and delivering 600 W output power at 10-percent duty cycle) as well as military applications requiring as much as 200 W continuous-wave (CW) output power. The rugged LD600- 10.80 (RES-INGENIUM), which features the Freescale 50-V LDMOS model MRF6V2300NR1 power transistor, typically achieves 40 dB gain. It features gain-flatness of 1 dB from 10 to 80 MHz. The LD600-10.80 incorporates a driver stage followed by four power transistors working in parallel. The amplifier requires +18 dBm input power for its rated output power, with drain current of typically 3.1 A and a maximum of 10 A. The amplifier boasts 40 percent collector efficiency with a 50-O load. It can operate into a VSWR load of 3.0:1 and a maximum of 5.0:1. The device has insertion phase variation of 10 deg. (unit to unit) with power gain variation of 1 dB. It flaunts second and third harmonics of -30 and -35 dB, respectively. The amplifier operates from -10 to +60C. The module measures 95 x 163 x 27 mm and weighs 1 lb. Connectorized versions are available upon request.

Richardson Electronics, 40W267 Keslinger Rd., P.O. Box 393, LaFox, IL 60147-0393; (630) 208-2200, FAX: (630) 208-2550, Internet: www.rell.com.

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