3.3-V LVDS Oscillators Deliver Less Than 1 ps Jitter

A smaller version of the 3.3-V XpressO XO LVDS oscillators was recently spawned. The FXO-LC33 series LVDS oscillators span 0.75 MHz to 1.35 GHz in a 3.2-x-2.5-mm package. They offer stabilities as tight as 25 ppm and frequency resolution to six decimal places. Using the third-order Delta- Sigma modulator (DSM), these XpressO XO LVDS oscillators have reduced noise levels comparable to those of traditional bulk quartz and surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) oscillators. They offer jitter below 1 ps. To reduce noise, the XpressO crystal oscillators utilize a family of proprietary applicationspecific integrated circuits (ASICs). To reduce power consumption, the XpressO oscillators incorporate a tri-state enable/disable feature that enables the user to turn off the output. The FXO-LC33 oscillators are well suited for use in SONET, SDH, ATM, Ethernet, storage-area network, broadband access, microprocessors/DSP/ FPGA, industrial controllers, test and measurement equipment, and fiber channel. They operate from -20 to +70C or -40 to +85C. The RoHS- and REACH-compliant XpressO XO LVDS oscillators' contacts are constructed with a gold-over-nickel termination finish. P&A: $4.57 each in lots of 10,000 pieces; delivery for production quantities is 10 days.

Fox Electronics, 5570 Enterprise Pkwy., Fort Myers, FL 33905; (888) GET-2-FOX, FAX: (239) 693-1554, e-mail: www.foxonline.com/email.htm, Internet: www.foxonline.com.

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