3.3-V LVCMOS Oscillators Extend Range To 200 MHz

The EC26 series of clock oscillators features an expanded frequency range to 200.000 MHz. The available frequencies for these LVCMOS-output oscillators are 155.520, 156.250, 159.375, 159.380, 161.1328, 162.500, 166.000, 175.000, 187.500, and 200.000 MHz. The oscillators boast frequency stability to 20 ppm maximum. They offer RMS typical phase jitter of 0.3 ps with a maximum of 1 ps at a 12-kHz-to-20-MHz offset. The oscillators require a 3.3-VDC supply voltage 10 percent. Input current ranges from 10 mA maximum from 1.544 to 32.000 MHz to 60 mA maximum from 125.000 to 200.000 MHz. Startup time for these oscillators ranges to 10 ms. The devices operate from -40 to +85C. Other features include tri-state capability, MSL1 260C reflow, and a duty cycle of 50 percent (5 percent).

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