2.92-mm Connectors Offer Low VSWR Through 40 GHz

With operation at frequencies through K band, the S292 2.92-mm connectors promise impressive VSWR specifications to 40 GHz. As a baseline, data plots reveal a VSWR below 1.04:1 through 12 GHz and below 1.18:1 through 40 GHz. By initiating a design standardized to a Thunderline-Z TL-150 glass-to-metal feed-through, the company has developed a transitional RF geometry that reduces the tolerance sensitivity of the final interconnection. The launch diameters of these S292 connectors are specifically oriented to the Thunderline-Z 0.012 pinned glass beads and are RF-matched to the dielectric properties of the Corning glass #7070. The S292 series offers a compatible mating style to K, SMA, WSMA, and 3.5-mm connectors. Future offerings are planned to support microstrip and stripline applications.

San-tron, Inc., 4 Newburyport Tpke., Ipswich, MA 01938; (978) 356-1585, FAX: (978) 356-1573, Internet: www.santron.com.

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