100-W Terminations Offer PIM Below -165 dBc

To satisfy the needs of demanding wireless applications, a new series of 100-W terminations typically boasts passive-intermodulation (PIM) performance below -165 dBc. They guarantee performance below -160 dBc (measured using two 20-W test tones). The 50- TK-27MN (male N connector) and TK-27FN (female N connector) have been designed using mechanically stable connections. They achieve typical VSWR better than 1.05:1 from 700 to 2700 MHz and better than 1.15:1 down to 380 MHz. The terminations achieve a 5-kW peak power rating from -35 to +55C. Typical applications include the termination of the unused port of a hybrid coupler that combines different wireless signals. The housing is finished in black paint on aluminum with tri-plated connectors.

Microlab/FXR, subsidiary of Wireless Telecom Group, Inc., 25 Eastmans Rd., Parsippany, NJ 07054; (973) 386-9696, FAX: (973) 386-9191, Internet: www.microlab.fxr.com.

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