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The Next G Alliance is building the foundation for North American leadership in 6G and beyond.


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The Next G Alliance is a bold new initiative to advance North American mobile technology leadership over the next decade through private sector-led efforts. With a strong emphasis on technology commercialization, the work will encompass the full lifecycle of research and development, manufacturing, standardization and market readiness.

Mobile technology underpins the advancement of several important industries. These include Aerospace, Agriculture, Defense, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, Energy and Transportation, all of which are vital to U.S. interests and increasingly dependent on mobile technology. Ensuring North American leadership in mobile technology across these key sectors will strengthen and promote the region’s economic interests globally.

The Next G Alliance will bring together diverse segments of the industry and leading research institutions. It is premised on the stance that applied research should be leveraged to ultimately create a pathway to product realization and commercialization. While innovation is still vital to this ecosystem, connecting the desired endpoint early in the research process to drive research priorities is central to development, standardization, manufacturing and Next G readiness. While each of these areas could be incentivized and managed separately, aligning them to an overarching strategy and objectives allows each stage’s outcomes to be managed across the entire lifecycle. The goal is to start with the end in mind of delivering results in terms of commercialization, ultimately to drive economic growth.

Other regions of the globe have announced and are implementing ambitious plans to launch 6G research and development initiatives. It is critical that North American industry steps forward now to create the roadmap to the next decade of strong global mobile technology leadership. Ultimately, this initiative will be used to influence U.S. government funding priorities and actions that will incentivize the technology industry, laying the foundation for a vibrant marketplace for North American products and services globally.

Next G Alliance's goals:

  • Advance North American global leadership over the 5G evolutionary path and 6G early development.
  • Create a Next G development roadmap that will promote a vibrant marketplace for 6G introduction, adoption and commercialization with North American innovation in mind.
  • Develop a set of national priorities that will influence government applied research funding and promote incentivized government actions.
  • Progress a North American model that promotes development across the full lifecycle of research to realization, aligned with commercialization outcomes.

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