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We’re leading the transformation from silicon to silicon carbide and GaN as we shape the future of semiconductor markets.


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We’re leading the transformation from silicon to silicon carbide and GaN as we shape the future of semiconductor markets: the transition to electric vehicles, the move to faster 5G networks, the evolution of renewable energy and energy storage, the advancement of industrial applications and the expansion of specialty LED applications.

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GaN Devices Raising the Output-Power Performance Bar

March 24, 2021
Discrete GaN transistors, whether in die or packaged forms, offer high power density to boost pulsed signals in C-, L-, and S-band radars and communications applications.
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Bump Up Semiconductor Efficiency with GaN

March 31, 2020
GaN is a semiconductor material that’s well-suited for the fabrication of high-power, high-frequency, as well as ultraviolet LED devices.
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WAMICON Hits the 20-Year Mark

Feb. 1, 2019
At this year’s WAMICON conference, scheduled for April 8-9 in Cocoa Beach, Fla., the theme will be simulation-driven design.
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Cree Inks Long-Term Supplier for SiC Wafers

Oct. 24, 2018
Cree has signed a long-term arrangement worth $85 million to supply its Wolfspeed SiC material wafers to a manufacturer of power semiconductor devices.
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High Power Leaves its Mark on IMS

June 22, 2018
IMS 2018 showcased the latest in high-power RF capability, with multiple companies demonstrating an array of performance breakthroughs.

In Reversal, Wolfspeed Buys Infineon's Radio Frequency Power Business

March 7, 2018
In Reversal, Wolfspeed Buys Infineon's Radio Frequency Power Business

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What Transpired at IMS 2018

June 22, 2018
The following is a small visual sampling of some of the activity at IMS 2018, which took place in Philadelphia, PA from June 10-15.
(Image courtesy of Nancy Friedrich).

Gallery: Everything We Saw At IMS 2017

June 15, 2017
Here are some views of the show floor, taken by our editors, where we got the inside track on the latest products and trends.
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Image Gallery: Cree at IMS 2013

June 13, 2013
Cree showcased and demonstrated their latest products at the International Microwave Symposium 2013 in Seattle, WA.

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(Image courtesy of Infineon).

STMicroelectronics Broadens Bet on Power Amplifiers

Feb. 17, 2018
STMicroelectronics Broadens Bet on Power Amplifiers
(Image courtesy of Infineon).

Cutting the Cost of Gallium Nitride

Feb. 10, 2018
Cutting the Cost of Gallium Nitride for Base Stations and Light Bulbs
(Image courtesy of Infineon).

Cree Fills Chief Executive Role Following Wolfspeed Debacle

Sept. 27, 2017
The company hired Gregg Lowe, the former chief executive of Freescale and former vice president of Texas Instruments' analog business.
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Amplifier Powers an Octave with 80% Average Efficiency

June 15, 2017
This extended continuous Class F−1 power amplifier provides more than 8 W output power from 1.0 to 1.9 GHz with outstanding drain efficiency.
Diamond Microwave
Many high-power amplifiers based on GaN technology were introduced during the week at the 2017 IMS exhibition.

High Power on Display at IMS

June 7, 2017
High power at microwave frequencies can be produced by solid-state and vacuum-tube amplifiers.
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Winding Down the Wolfspeed Saga, an Executive Leaves and an Experiment Ends

Feb. 23, 2017
After the company experimented with an initial public offering and a $850 million sale, Wolfspeed's chief executive is stepping down and leaving Cree.
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Infineon's Deal for Wolfspeed Falls Apart, Showing Delicacy of Gallium Nitride

Feb. 17, 2017
The saga of Infineon's $850 million deal for Wolfspeed has ended. Cree terminated the deal a little over a week after a security panel rejected it.
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With Regulators Concerned, Infineon's Deal for Wolfspeed is in Jeopardy

Feb. 14, 2017
For now, the deal is on the rocks. It marks the latest acquisition to be blocked involving gallium nitride.
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Gallium Nitride to Gradually Move Off the Sidelines

Jan. 23, 2017
If the mark of critical technology is that companies are willing to sue to protect it, and governments are blocking other countries from buying it, then gallium nitride will only...