When Specifying Capacitors

Dielectric Laboratories, Inc. (DLI) invented the ceramic Single-Layer Capacitor in 1974 and today is the world's largest supplier of high-frequency, high Q ceramic SLCs. The DiCap® is the world standard for reliable, high-performance ceramic Single-Layer Capacitors and heads a family of SLCs, including Border Caps, Gap Caps, Bar Caps, and more.

DLI's family of Broadband Blocking solutions is the most comprehensive in the world, and includes Milli-Cap® and Opti-Cap® ultra-broadband blocks, thin-film DC blocks, and multi-layer broadband blocks.

The Multi-Layer Capacitor family includes the industry-leading ultra-low ESR capacitors, the acclaimed high Q caps, and reliable high RF power capacitors. DLI's MLCs are known for their excellent temperature stability and tight tolerances.

In 2004, DLI acquired Voltronics Corp., a global leader in precision Variable Capacitors. When a trimmer is needed for circuit adjustment, Voltronics usually has a solution. In addition to its comprehensive group of catalog caps that include PTFE, glass and sapphire, air, and ceramic dielectrics, Voltronics provides customers with quick, flexible customization capabilities.

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