QI standard Extends Charging Distance

The open Qi wireless-charging standard is still evolving. For instance, the Wireless Power Consortium regularly approves new transmitter designs that are proposed by its members. By using magnetic-resonance technology, the latest approved transmitter increases the distance from which devices can be charged from 5 to 40 mm. This transmission distance, which serves devices to 5 W, is suitable for charging through most tables and counter tops.

Twelve new transmitter designs have been approved in the specification. Among the benefits provided by the other designs are more freedom in device placement, magnetic and non-magnetic device alignment, and differing power options like Universal Serial Bus (USB). Many other designs are under review. They have plans for additional spatial freedom and distances, increased power levels, and more options to charge multiple devices at one time.

Wireless charging stationssuch as those that can be built into furniture, tabletops, cars, or charging padstypically use magnetic induction or magnetic-resonance methods to send power to portable devices. Having the flexibility to choose from multiple transmitter designs allows companies to offer a wide range of Qi product types for the consumer-electronics, home-appliance, furniture, automotive, and other markets. These products can be further differentiated through design, components, materials, functionality, and value. Regardless of brand or manufacturer, any Qi-enabled device is designed to work with any Qi charger.

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