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GaN Discrete Transistor Fully Qualified

GaN Discrete Transistor Fully Qualified

The NPT1015 gallium nitride (GaN) discrete transistor has been fully qualified for 50 W output power from DC to 2.5 GHz with 12-dB saturated gain and 60% peak drain efficiency at 2.5 GHz when operating from a +28-VDC supply.

Nitronex, the designer and manufacturer of GaN-based RF solutions for defense, communications, and cable-television (CATV) applications, also qualified the NPT1015 with a thermal resistance of 2.1°C/W, said to be the lowest in its power class.

THE NPT1015 leverages the company’s existing +28-VDC NRF1 process platform and was tested for unit-to-unit consistency. Devices from multiple wafers were mounted in a 50-Ohm test circuit tuned for CW operation at 2.5 GHz and subjected to a 15.0:1 VSWR at all phase angles.

Nitronex’s patented SIGANTIC® GaN-on-Si process uses industry-standard 4-in. silicon substrate wafers resulting in a scalable supply chain and for applications in diverse markets such as military communications, RADAR, commercial wireless, and point-to-point microwave communications.

The NPT1015 transistor is available now, with more information available at

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