GaN Amps Power CATV Applications

A pair of miniature power amplifiers use GaN technology for low distortion in CATV applications.

GaN semiconductor technology offers high power and efficiency at RF and microwave frequencies, but RF Micro Devices has been one of the few device suppliers to apply the technology to a large commercial/consumer market in cable-television (CATV) amplification. The firm, well known for its half-micron GaN foundry services, introduced a series of GaN push-pull power amplifiers for CATV applications late last year, including models RFPP2870 and RFCM3080.

Both amplifiers feature 28-dB gain at 1003 MHz with 20-dB input and output return loss and low distortion levels. Model RFPP2870 is supplied in an SOT-115 package while model RFCM3080 is housed in a miniature 11 × 8.5 mm multi-chip-module (MCM) surface-mount package.

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