Chipsets Target Point-to-Point Radios

A variety of chipsets provide the essential functions needed for microwave point-to-point radios.

Microwave radio designers will find many new active devices of interest at the 2013 IMS, including two complete radio chipset families from TriQuint Semiconductor for 15- and 23-GHz point-to-point and backhaul applications. The chipsets include packaged amplifiers, frequency upconverters and downconverters, and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs). TriQuint’s Vice-President and General Manager for Infrastructure and Defense Products, James L. Klein, noted: “Point-to-point radio plays a vital role in sustained mobile network growth. TriQuint’s leadership in high-frequency solutions now includes complete RF chipsets that simplify design and improve performance.” The semiconductor supplier, well represented at IMSbooth No. 530, will also have examples of their radio chipsets for use at 10 to 16 GHz and from 17 to 27 GHz.

Editor's Note: For more show coverage, be sure to visit Microwaves & RF's IMS 2013 page.

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