Analog Automotive Semiconductors Steering Telematics

Analog Automotive Semiconductors Steering Telematics

An increasing number of analog semiconductors are enabling infotainment systems as well as telematics, or the integrated use of computers and electronic technology in automobiles for wireless communication applications.

Skyworks announced the product shift for use in navigation, cell phone and vehicle security display inputs, Blu-ray/DVD, and low noise and broadband handoffs between audio. They have also teamed up with Novero, an automotive supplier, enabling on-board communication systems, which have been used by various automobile manufacturers including a large, tier-one German company.

The telematics/monitoring sub-industry has grown rapidly as security and safety concerns gain importance, and automakers attempt to design more electronic solutions into their new car models. The entire automotive/telematics semiconductor industry is expected to reach $36 billion by 2018 (according to the Lucintel Market Research Firm).

To read more about Skyworks Quality Standards for Automotive Customers, visit their site.

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