An Illuminating Look at the Current RF Landscape
Markus Loerner, Market Segment Manager & Business Development Manager at Rohde & Schwarz, demonstrates the Digital Doherty and MISO transmitters.

An Illuminating Look at the Current RF Landscape

This test-and-measurement company recently held a one-day event aimed at educating attendees on a range of topics.

With the likes of 5G and more, there’s no question that test-and-measurement companies are faced with meeting many new challenges. One company right in the thick of it is Rohde & Schwarz, a familiar name to anyone in the RF/microwave industry. To explain some of today’s significant and challenging applications, Rohde & Schwarz hosted the RF LUMINATION 2019 event on February 21. In the company’s own words, this one-day event was created to “lay the groundwork for RF test and measurement and bridge the gap between the visions of what could be to the implementation of what will be.”

RF LUMINATION 2019 included a keynote presentation along with eight technical classes. Instructors for the technical sessions consisted of Rohde & Schwarz personnel along with representatives from Focus Microwaves, Integrated Device Technology (IDT), and Texas Instruments.

5G was clearly a focal point of the event. The keynote, given by Andreas Roessler, Technology Manager at Rohde & Schwarz, focused in on 5G topics like key parameters, link budgets, hybrid beamforming, over-the-air (OTA) testing, and more. Of course, Roessler mentioned some specific R&S instruments along the way.

Among the eight technical sessions was one titled, “Automated RF Component Test for Design Engineers Without Programming.” The presentation, given by Martin Lim, national applications engineer at Rohde & Schwarz, centered on how test automation can be made easier. Lim explained that R&S is simplifying test automation, as many common tasks can be automated inside the instrument itself. The presentation was divided into three sections, focusing in on an amplifier amplification before discussing what Lim described as “in-the-box automation” followed by custom automation.

Another technical session, “Advanced Techniques for Phase Noise and Jitter Measurements,” was presented by Rohde & Schwarz’s Greg Bonaguide. In this session, Bonaguide first discussed the basics of phase noise before talking about its importance along with various phase-noise measurement techniques. Those with an interest in phase noise will likely want to check out this presentation.

The remaining workshops covered 5G millimeter-wave (mmWave) chipset characterization using on-wafer load-pull, digital Doherty power amplifiers, residual (additive) phase-noise measurements, phased-array antennas, multiple-input, single-output (MISO) transmitters, and wideband multi-antenna applications with data-converter integration.

Those interested can visit the RF LUMINATION 2019 website to view the keynote and technical sessions.

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