Flexible RF Test Solutions Deliver Reliable Internet of Things (IoT)

Flexible RF Test Solutions Deliver Reliable Internet of Things (IoT)

Sponsored by: Keysight Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the use of smart and connected electronic devices to enable greater efficiency and productivity in our daily lives. These devices permeate homes, vehicles, buildings, manage security, safety, energy, and inventories, and many other areas.

Keysight flexible RF test solutions help you test IoT devices and get the most from your budget. We have prepared a series of application notes to address the test challenges of IoT devices:

  • A Flexible Test Solution for 2.4 GHz ZigBee Transmitters and Receivers
  • A Flexible Test Solution for Internet of things (IoT) Devices with ASK/FSK Modulation
  • Low Frequency RFID Tag Characterization

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Also available for download:

  • EMI Pre-Compliance Testing
  • EMI Troubleshooting: The Need for Close Field Probes Interference Analysis
  • Measure Cable and Antenna Using N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyzer
  • Making Fast Pass/Fail Testing

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