Probe Station Control Software Delivers T&M Efficiency

Probe Station Control Software Delivers T&M Efficiency

Velox 2.0, the latest version of Cascade Microtech’s probe station control software, delivers increased test and measurement efficiency. The software simplifies the set up and execution of automated measurements using WaferSync, a two-way communication link between Velox and Keysight Technologies’ WaferPro Express automated on-wafer measurement software. Wafer handling, alignment, temperature control, Z-profiling, and stepping perform as a single automated test flow. Velox 2.0 is suited for data processing, instrument integration, processing flexibility, and higher levels of integration and automation. It is backwards compatible with all current Cascade Microtech probe systems.

Cascade Microtech, Beaverton, OR 97008; 1-503-601-1000

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