Compact Analyzers Run on Batteries

Compact Analyzers Run on Batteries

The 2016 IMS exhibition floor promises its share of eye-opening product demonstrations and stunning examples of technology at work. But it is also a great chance just to see what might be the next tool on the laboratory bench. For many years, few companies have been better at spectrum analyzers than Tektronix, and this year is no different. The company brings a sampling of its latest line of portable spectrum analyzers to Booth No. 2449. The new battery-powered RSA500A and ac-powered RSA600A series of real-time spectrum analyzers are a fraction of the size of the old “carry-handle” Tek portable spectrum analyzers but, when plugged into a computer’s USB port, these little instruments span a total bandwidth of 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz with bandwidths as wide as 40 MHz.

Well suited for policing frequency spectrum or exploring that next potential Internet of Things (IoT) Product design, the portable analyzers work with the firm’s SignalVu-PC measurement software, provided free of charge with each spectrum analyzer. The software transforms a controlling PC into the control and data display screen and when run on a portable laptop computer and an RSA500A series analyzer can perform on-site and in-the-field measurements, such as spectrum site surveys. Visitors to Booth No. 2449 will see a few examples of these portable real-time spectrum analyzers in use and how they can be applied to different measurements both in the laboratory and in the field.

Tektronix Inc.,

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