Toshiba Selects Keithley's Test System

Keithley Instruments announced that Toshiba Corp. has selected the Keithley S630DC/RF Parametric Test System to support Toshiba's development of next-generation semiconductors. The test system combines DC and RF test capabilities to perform single-insertion DC and RF testing of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. It can be configured for operating frequencies as high as 40 GHz and offers 1 fA and 1 mV DC precision and 1-Hz frequency resolution. According to Tatsuo Noguchi, Senior Manager of Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor Company, the system will be critical in enabling Toshiba to reduce its cost of test for the next generation of semiconductors, known as 65-nm CMOS devices: "Keithley's technology will enable us to achieve more rapid throughput than before, a critical parameter for reducing our cost-of-test at our facilities." The selection by Toshiba represents a strong vote of confidence for Keithley's staff, noted president and CEO Joseph P. Keithley: "Toshiba's record in consumer electronics manufacturing is impressive, and its passion for developing best-in-class production technologies is widely documented. Their evaluation of the capabilities of our S630 system was demanding and detailed, which adds to the impact of this design win for our company." The model S630DC/RF was introduced in 2001 and is designed for single-insertion device testing at the wafer level for both DC and RF parameters.

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