Spectrum Analyzers Cover 1 kHz To 26.6 GHz

Four spectruM AnALyZers make up the new 3250 series. each one measures a frequency range beginning at 1 khz with the 3251 ranging to 3 ghz, the 3252 to 8 ghz, the 3253 to 13.2 ghz, and the 3254 to 26.5 ghz. the spectrum analyzers display local-oscillator (Lo) phase noise of 115 dBc/hz and a display average noise level (dAnL) of 145 dBm/hz. they incorporate 30 Mhz intermodulation/quadrature (i/Q) demodulation bandwidth and a removable hard disk. An optional built-in tracking generator is available across the entire range. the spectrum analyzers range from 24 to 29 lbs. All models have a windows Xp operating system, remote-control capabilities via LAn, gpiB, and rs-232c, and a 7-in. touchpanel screen. the instruments include digital-demodulation capabilities for the analysis of ieee 802.11a, b, and g wireless networks. Also available are optional measurement personalities including gsM/edge, wcdMA, wiMAX, and wLAn as well as eMc pre-compliance test. p&A: $15,000 for starting configuration; two weeks.

Aeroflex, Inc., 35 South Service Rd., Plainview, NY 11803-4193; (516) 694-6700, FAX: (516) 694- 4823, Internet: www.aeroflex.com.

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