Sonnet launches 64-b EM Solver

Sonnet Software, known for their high-frequency electromagnetic (EM) modeling and simulation software, has announced the latest SONNET(R) Suites Professional(TM) Release 11. The new software release includes a 64-b EM solver capable of performing full-wave EM analysis with no limitation on a computer's physical memory capacity. The solver performance is boosted by 40 percent for microprocessors from Intel and AMD. The release also introduces the Sonnet Cluster capability, which provides easy setup of distributed computing systems for high-speed processing of complex problems. This latest software release features Co-calibrated(TM) Ports using a new de-embedding technology that enables perfect calibration of internal port groups for a modeled circuit or network. The software release allows users to tightly interface with their EDA platform of choice, including Agilent ADS, Applied Wave Research's Microwave Office(R), or Cadence(R) Virtuoso(R). Sonnet Software (

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