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Shooting Bouncing Ray Method Is At Solver's Roots

DARMSTADT, GERMANYCST Microwave Studio (CST MWS) now incorporates an asymptotic solver that is based on the Shooting Bouncing Ray methodan extension to physical optics. The integration of CST Microstripes into the CST Studio Suite should facilitate access to features that are particularly valuable in EMC simulations, such as compact models and Octree meshing, within the design environment. The software is capable of tackling simulations covering thousands of wavelengths, as might be done in radarcross-section (RCS) analysis.

CST MWS' frequency-domain solver features the firm's new sensitivity analysis approach. After the introduction of true geometry adaptation with version 2009, the inclusion of third- and mixed-order elements should enable further increases in simulation efficiency and speed. In addition, the CST MWS time-domain solver includes functional enhancements, such as arbitrary-order dispersive material modeling and domain decomposition for cluster computing (also in combination with GPU computing).

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