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Real-Time Analyzers Grab 110-MHz BW

The latest Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers from Tektronix, the 9-kHz to 6.2-GHz model RSA6106A and 9-kHz-to-14-GHz model RSA6114A offer advanced triggering capabilities with the power of capturing instantaneous bandwidths as wide as 110 MHz while simultaneously achieving a spurious-free dynamic range of 73 dB. The instruments offer a 10.4-inch XGA touch screen display and patented DPX(TM) waveform image processor technology.With the combination, the analyzers can produce live RF spectrum displays some 1000 times faster than conventional swept-tuned spectrum analyzers. The DPX technology, which employs a parallel-processing architecture to continuously convert time-domain information into the frequency domain, processes more than 48,000 spectrum measurements per second, compared to about 50 per second for conventional spectrum analyzers. For more information on the RTSAs, visit the Tektronix web site at

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