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National Instruments And Tektronix Develop PXI Digitizer

AUSTIN, TXNational Instruments has announced the joint development of a high-speed digitizer with Tektronix. The PXI Express digitizer sets a new milestone for PXI modular instrumentation performance with greater than 3 GHz bandwidth, sample rates beyond 10 GSamples/s, data throughput of more than 600 MB/s and multi-module synchronization capabilities. Because of this collaborative development effort, engineers and scientists should experience improved measurement performance and test productivity in high-speed applications like those found in physics and experimental research, aerospace and defense, communications, and the semiconductor and consumerelectronics industries.

"National Instruments is excited to work with Tektronix and bring their core signalacquisition technology to the PXI platform," states Dr. James Truchard, President, CEO, and Cofounder of National Instruments. "We have worked for many years to deliver productivity improvements to engineers in automated test through LabVIEW and PXI, and this new module represents the highest performance acquisition capability that we've delivered in this platform to date."

While National Instruments and Tektronix have collaborated on various projects for more than 20 years, the digitizer represents the first joint hardware-development project between the two companies. It takes advantage of the strengths of both companies to deliver advanced performance for demanding applications. Proprietary Tektronix applicationspecific integrated circuits (ASICs) and design expertise provide the basis for high-speed signal acquisition with low noise and high linearity to deliver superior signal integrity. The National Instruments leadership in graphical systemdesign software, proprietary Synchronization and Memory Core (SMC) technology, and PC-based instrumentation offer high data throughput for faster test execution and precision multi-module timing and synchronization capability for building high-channel-count and integrated test systems.

The official product release and first shipments of the new digitizer will be available from National Instruments in 2010. Lead user engagements will continue through the end of 2009. For more information on the National Instruments and Tektronix relationship, readers can visit

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