MECA's Kit Ease Field Power Measurements

MECA Electronics has developed a handy power measurement kit for use with portable spectrum analyzers and measurement tools such as the Anritsu Site Master in making on-site power measurements at cellular base stations. Rather than relying on high-power attenuators to reduce the input power level to the measurement equipment, the power measurement kit employs a low-loss 30-dB directional coupler rated for use from 0.8 to 2.2 GHz to channel a reduced-amplitude signal from the base station to the measurement equipment. The kit also included a set of Type N coaxial attenuators for use with the coupler and a Type N coaxial termination rated for 100-W power. The kit helps provide very stable power measurements by keeping the heat generated by the high-power signals away from the coupler's power-sampling port. For more information on the kit, visit the MECA Electronics website at:

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