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J microTechnology Launches Lab Probe Station

J microTechnology has developed a compact Laboratory Microprobe Station, the model LMS-2709(S) with high-performance DC and RF probing capabilities for a fraction of the cost of many commercial systems. Ideal for educational environments or prototyping, the standard vacuum chuck on the probe station accommodates semiconductor and thin- and thick-film substrates as large as 2 inches by 2 inches. The precision X-Y-X probe translation manipulators align DC and/or RF probes to better than 0.0003 inches (0.01 mm) accuracy and repeatability. A nickel-plated steel platen on the probe station allows placement of as many as seven magnetic mount positioners to manipulate either standard needle or optional coaxial or triaxial probe tips. The probe station sells for less than $9,000 for single units, with special prices for universities buying multiple units. For more information, visit the J microTechnology web site at:

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