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CD Carries "How-to-Test" Library

For those in need of tips on testing, a new tutorial CD, the "Measurements With Confidence CD," is now available free of charge from Keithley Instruments (Cleveland, OH). The CD offers practical and helpful techniques for obtaining the most accurate measurements in a variety of different areas. For example, seminars include an introductory course to Ethernet-based instruments; techniques for making high-accuracy wireless measurements; how to make sensitive DC measurements; understanding measurement uncertainty; understanding the basics of switching systems; and reducing voltage noise and error in challenging measurements. Seminars contained on the CD are archived versions of the original web broadcasts narrated by Keithley's measurement experts and professionals. Viewers can obtain the MS PowerPoint slides that accompany each seminar and other reference information, such as application notes and white papers, simply by clicking on the "Learn More" button in each presentation. The CD is available free of charge at .

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