Agilent Announces LXI Attenuator/Switch Drivers

Agilent Technologies has developed several LXI attenuator/switch drivers for use in bench-top and automatic-test-equipment (ATE) environments. Using the LXI LAN-based commuications protocol for test equipment, the new drivers provide an intuitive graphical user interface and variety of attenuation and switching options that can be accessed by remote control over a standard Ethernet LAN. The drivers are available in the models 11713B and 11713C. The B model drives a combination of two programmable attenuators and two single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switches or as many as 10 SPDT switches. The C model controls a combination of four programmable attenuators and four SPDT switches or as many as 20 SPDT switches. For more information on the LXI attenuator/switch drivers, visit the Agilent Technologies website at:

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