Aeroflex Awarded F & S Recognition for Test Leadership

This past week, Aeroflex, Inc. was recognized as an outstanding supplier of test and measurement equipment by market researcher Frost & Sullivan. The Frost & Sullivan Award for Growth Strategy Leadership was presented to Aeroflex and the company's Vice-Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Len Borow, on May 19, 2004 at the 2004 Excellence in Industrial Technology Awards Banquet (Miami, FL). Frost & Sullivan presents the award each year to the company that has demonstrated an exceptional growth strategy within their industry. The award winner must meet numerous criteria, including the ability to grow in a saturated or mature market, the ability to discover new venues for an established product, continued technological innovation and leadership, and mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures aimed at penetrating new markets. According to Borow, "We are extremely proud of this award. We are committed to providing customers with a diverse range of products in microelectronics and test and measurement. This recognition shows our test and measurement strategy will have a lasting impact on the market."

Aeroflex has aggressively acquired test and measurement companies such as IFR and Racal Instrument as part of a strategy to become a truly diversified and global supplier of commercial, industrial, and military test solutions. The company has been an important supplier of test products in the rapidly growing PXI instrument market, offering a suite of products that includes a 2.5-GHz signal generator, a 3.5-GHz RF synthesizer, and a 3-GHz digitizer.

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