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Adapter Saves SMAs During Testing

Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp. has announced a new "Connector Saver" adapter that can ease the task of testing components or cable assemblies with SMA connectors. The adapter features an SMA jack on one end and an SMA plug modified for "slide-on" mating on the other end. When the jack end is fitted to an SMA plug on a cable assembly or other device under test, the slide-on interface saves time when connecting the assembly to a vector network analyzer's (VNA's) test port. The adapter also allows the test cable to be mated to a device with a simple, straight push, saving the time needed to thread and torque a standard SMA plug. The "slide-on" arrangement requires only 10 lbs maximum engagement force and only 6 oz. minimum disengagement force. Lest anyone believe that performance has been sacrificed for convenience, these adapters offer excellent electrical characteristics: the maximum VSWR of the adapter is 1.03:1 from DC to 18 GHz. For more information, including a downloadable PDF brochure, visit the Delta Electronics Manufacturing website at

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