Functional Testing of GPS III Satellite Bus Completed

Functional Testing of GPS III Satellite Bus Completed

Testing of a Global Positioning System (GPS) III space vehicle 1 (SV 1) bus has recently been completed, verifying the system’s guidance control, command and data handling, flight software, environmental controls, and electrical power regulation.

A Lockheed Martin team has been readying the SV 1 communication equipment subsystem that will interface with the ground control segment and distribute data throughout the vehicle. The navigation payload, produced by ITT Exelis, will be delivered to Lockheed Martin’s GPS Processing Facility (GPF) later this year, with the satellite scheduled to be flight-ready and delivered to the United States Air Force in 2014.

GPS III satellites aim to improve capabilities for the demands of military and commercial users with three times better accuracy and up to eight times improved anti-jamming signal power.

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