Bandwidth and Real-Time Capabilities Boosted On MXA Analyzers

Bandwidth and Real-Time Capabilities Boosted On MXA Analyzers

Enhancements have been made to the midrange N9020A MXA X-Series signal analyzers, including 160-MHz bandwidth and real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) capability. Announced by Agilent Technologies, the changes address the issues of measuring interference in the next wave of wireless networks and can be included in new MXAs or added to existing units.

On measurements  to 26.5 GHz, the new MXA analyzers offers analysis bandwidths of 85, 120, and 160 MHz, with  160 MHz meeting the requirements of IEEE802.11ac wireless local area network (LAN) and cellular long-term-evolution (LTE) Advanced specifications.

The likelihood of unwanted signal interaction in the RF spectrum has grown with the increase in  wireless LANs and  small cell sites. The analyzers’ combination of increased bandwidth and RTSA enables accurate triggering on short-duration transients and helps pinpoint intermittent interference problems.

This marks the first time since 2007 that Agilent has upgraded the N9020A MXA series of signal analyzers when they made the central processing unit (CPU) and hard disk drive removable for secure installations and added a phase-noise measurement application. New MATLAB drivers, time gating, and an enhanced IEEE802.16 OFDMA (Mobile WiMAX) measurement application were also added.

The starting price for the new MXA Signal Analyzer is $70,900 with the upgrades to existing analyzers ranging from $7,231 to $30,029. Specific pricing information can be found on Agilent’s site.

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