Probe Station Secures On-Wafer Measurements

Probe Station Secures On-Wafer Measurements

An on-wafer probe station can be configured for semiautomatic or fully automatic operation using powerful control software.

Model CM300 from Cascade Microtech is an on-wafer measurement solution that can be scaled to meet a wide range of needs. It features efficient test automation and fast wafer loading by means of Velox™ control software, at the same time avoiding damage to probe tips and probe cards. The CM300 probe station, which provides high accuracy using probe pads as small as 30 μm, can be used for current-voltage (I-V), capacitance-voltage (C-V), and RF/microwave measurements over a wide temperature range. It delivers fast and well-characterized thermal transition and probe-to-pad alignment. The fully automated probe system offers cassette loading for a single station—or dual stations operating as a cluster—and supports parallel test of multiple device die. The prober is available as a shielded system, and can be upgraded from a semi-automated station to a fully automated probe system.

Cascade Microtech, Inc., 9100 SW Gemini Dr., Beaverton, OR 97008; (800) 550-3279, (503) 601-1000, FAX: (503) 601-1002,

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