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TechXchange: Antenna Design

March 11, 2021
In any RF-related system, the antenna is either the first or last link in the chain, and if it isn't optimized, the rest won't be either.

The TechXchange: Antenna Design is a collection of material that gets down to the nuts and bolts of antennas. No RF-centric system can be better than the weakest link in the chain, and if that link happens to be the antenna at the front of the chain (as in a receiver) or at the back (as in a transmitter), it might not matter how well designed the rest of the system is.

As Contributing Editor Lou Frenzel noted in his piece, "Antennas Get No Respect," seems to me that the antenna is the stepchild of any wireless system. It gets less attention and may even be an afterthought in some projects. But as you may have noticed, the antenna is becoming more important than ever in new wireless systems. It’s time to pay more attention and give more respect to what may really be the most complex piece of any new wireless system.

We hope you get valuable information from the TechXchange: Antenna Design digital issue. Keep checking back for the latest articles that our editors have selected from Microwaves & RF, as we will continue to add new articles to the mix.

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