Software Solution Provides Fast, Accurate 3D EM Simulation

Jan. 19, 2024
Nullspace EM can reduce design cycle time and cut down on the number of costly prototype design loops.

Built on a specific method of moments (MoM) formulation, and combined with hybrid multi-CPU and multi-GPU acceleration, Nullspace solutions solve large, complex problems quickly and accurately.

The solution can rapidly create CAD using its streamlined user interface, or a complete Python (API) for running extensive parametric studies and optimization. It builds fast, accurate 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation using model-based engineering, reducing design cycle time and lowering the number of costly prototype design loops.

Enabling automated operations for extensive parametric studies and optimization, Nullspace Prep is the company's comprehensive CAD and high-order meshing pre-processor for Nullspace EM. It provides a streamlined process from CAD to analysis, with full-featured capabilities for geometry preparation and mesh generation, analysis, and fine-tuning.

Nullspace Prep offers CAD import and export for both standard and proprietary CAD formats. Using autoheal tools, CAD that's not suitable can be quickly repaired. Semi-automated high-order meshing enables fast, high-quality meshes or fine-grained control for optimized results.

Leveraging fast linear algebra-based solvers suitable for large-scale electromagnetic analysis and design, Nullspace EM enables digital, model-based engineering that cuts down on the design cycle time as well as the number of prototype design loops. Features include high-order geometry and basis functions, a fast direct solver for electrically large bodies, GPU acceleration to solve large problems, a Python scripting interface, and support for geometries constructed of arbitrary combinations of conducting, dielectric, and magnetic materials. 

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