End-Launch Connectors Target 5G and IoT

Jan. 5, 2024
An engineer from Cinch Connectivity Solutions gives the inside scoop on the company's latest end-launch connectors

One of the most important aspects of test is the need to gain access to the circuit to evaluate it. At the board level, this is often performed by an end-launch connector, a coaxial connector used to connect a coaxial cable to a test board.

Mounted at the end or edge of a PCB, it transitions microwave energy from a coaxial cable to and from the circuit on a PCB. The three main configurations are angled, vertical, and horizontal end-launch connectors.

Engineers often opt for end-launch connectors over regular connectors, as their design minimizes reflections when compared to vertical-mount or right-angle devices. They're typically applied in high-frequency options or where high performance is required—most applications below 6 GHz use regular commercial connectors because they're more cost-effective.

In the video above, an engineer from Cinch Connectivity Solutions describes several families of end-launch connectors from Trompeter, Johnson, Semflex, and Midwest Microwave

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