How to Set Up Oscilloscope Probes, Vertical and Horizontal Scale (Part 1)

Nov. 3, 2021
A deeper dive into the features of the new TBS2000B oscilloscope.

This video is part of an Article Series: XYZs of Oscilloscopes.

Anyone can twiddle the knobs on a scope and get something. And there’s always “Autoset” in a pinch. But do you know how to compensate a probe? How about the difference between a 1X and 10X probe? Do you know what ac coupling can do for you? Once you get the vertical controls figured out, the horizontal controls are easy.

Now available the TBS2000B series oscilloscope. Learn more about this new scope and why it offers even more of what you look for in Tek scopes. With new features like a larger screen, better signal integrity, and settings for the education lab, this scope is destined for your bench.