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5G O-RAN Performance Testing Focus of Collaboration

July 9, 2024
Anritsu will team up with LITEON to accelerate O-RU verification and reduce overall test costs.

Anritsu and LITEON Technology are forming a partnership to advance performance testing for 5G New Radio (NR) Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) solutions. LITEON will use Anritsu’s MT8000A Radio Communication Test Station and MX773000PC Open Distributed Unit (O-DU) Emulator Platform Software Solution to help verify open radio units (O-RUs).

LITEON's 5G private network solutions include sub-6-GHz O-RUs compliant with O-RAN standards. They integrate software, firmware, and hardware to achieve greater flexibility within an open architecture, accelerating O-RAN deployment.

Open RAN interfaces are increasingly replacing legacy radio access networks in devices, enabling the creation of more cost-effective, flexible, and scalable RANs. As a contributing member of the O-RAN Alliance, Anritsu offers testing for both wireless and wired  communications for mobile operators.

The MT8000A test solution, which supports non-signaling RF testing for 5G NR mmWave and sub-6-GHz base stations, is compliant with 3GPP TS38.141-1 and TS38.141-2 specifications, reducing time and cost in making 5G BTS radio units. The MX772000PC software enables automated O-RU testing, while the MX773000PC simulates O-DU operations, connects O-RUs, and performs O-RAN.WG4.CONF testing for O-RAN fronthaul requirements.

According to Richard Chiang, General Manager of Smart Life Applications SBU at LITEON, “Anritsu is an important partner for LITEON in advancing 5G base station from development testing to product verification. Anritsu's test equipment accelerates the quality and stability validation of our sub-6 RU M-Plane, CU-Plane, and automated testing. LITEON continues to be committed to delivering comprehensive 5G solutions to support the industry in promoting O-RAN open architecture and assisting customers in advancing commercial deployment.”

Ivan Chen, General Manager of Anritsu Taiwan, added, “LITEON is a key partner for Anritsu in
promoting O-RAN technology. This collaboration demonstrates Anritsu’s ability to verify mobile communication technology, meeting various testing needs and fully supporting 5G O-RAN test solutions, continuing to lead at the forefront of testing technology.”

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