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Test Cases Validated for Narrowband NTN Standard

May 1, 2024
Test-case validations for narrowband IoT over non-terrestrial networks support certification testing at GCF Recognized Test Organizations.

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What you’ll learn:

  • The convergence of terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks.
  • How Keysight addresses NTN conformance solutions with the S8711A Test Application Toolset and UXM 5G.

Keysight Technologies has validated conformance test cases for 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 17 (Rel-17) standards for non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) using narrowband IoT technology. These were obtained at the Conformance Agreement Group (CAG) #78 meeting of the Global Certification Forum (GCF). 

A key component of the telecommunications industry’s aim to achieve global coverage, enabling ubiquitous mobile connectivity for NB-IoT over NTNs, it extends service to use cases requiring non-continuous data connections. Offering low power consumption while maintaining sufficient throughput, it addresses diverse applications such as supply-chain tracking and two-way messaging.

What Do the Test-Case Validations Address?

The NB-IoT NTN conformance test-case validations cover transmitter and receiver, demodulation, and radio resource management (RRM), while the RF/RRM DVT and Conformance Toolset ensures devices perform as expected under real-world conditions. Supporting a variety of frequency bands, these test-case validations also enable Keysight to support certification testing at GCF Recognized Test Organizations.

Managed through the Keysight ATLAS Test Management Center, the company’s framework for automated acceptance testing, the test cases are supported by the S8711A Test Application Toolset and UXM 5G. It has a built-in channel emulator to emulate satellite orbits to test and certify devices in real-world conditions. 

There are also validated test cases for Skylo’s Rel-17 NB NTN certification program and satellite handovers in low-Earth-orbit (LEO) constellations, using UXM 5G and PROPSIM. Keysight also expanded its portfolio of validated test cases to other crucial 3GPP Rel-16 and Rel-17 areas, notably validations such as RRM RedCap for single receiver and inter-radio access technology with EUTRA.

“Industry standards and reference certification programs play a pivotal role in expanding technology adoption," said Muthu Kumaran, General Manager for Keysight’s Device Acceptance Solutions. "Keysight‘s NTN solutions, which enables NB-IoT NTN certification testing in GCF Recognized Test Organizations, are empowering the industry to advance mixed terrestrial and non-terrestrial connection scenarios with confidence by adhering to globally recognized standards. We look forward to continuing our support for the wireless industry in the realm of NTN through our comprehensive test solutions.”

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