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Keysight Launches USB Instruments at 2018 IMS

June 15, 2018
The company introduced a series of USB test instruments, including the Streamline Series VNAs, for use through 26.5 GHz.

One of the most significant announcements at the 2018 IEEE IMS exhibition came from Keysight Technologies, with the demonstration of several new RF/microwave test instruments in Universal Serial Bus (USB) form. The test instruments, which include a vector network analyzer (VNA), an oscilloscope, and an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), bring new portability to the quality of Keysight measurements. They are designed to provide the full measurement capabilities of each instrument in an extremely compact configuration, while a USB-connected computer provides the processing power and control interface.

1. In their USB format, the P937xA two-port VNAs bring new small size and convenience to the test bench, for measurement applications through 26.5 GHz. (Courtesy of Keysight Technologies)

The USB instruments in the new Streamline Series include the P937xA two-port VNAs (Fig. 1), the P924xA oscilloscopes, and the P9336A three-channel AWG. The VNAs (Fig. 2), which provide frequency coverage to 26.5 GHz, feature a context-sensitive user interface that’s identical to the company’s benchtop VNAs. The oscilloscopes offer advanced triggering, rapid waveform update rates, and functionality, such as zone triggering, found in full-sized oscilloscopes.

2. Even in this extremely compact housing, the P937xA two-port VNAs provide all of the measurement power of a full-sized, rack-mount microwave VNA. (Courtesy of Keysight Technologies)

The VNAs operate with the Keysight InfiniiVision interface running on the host personal computer. The AWG has 16-b resolution with maximum analysis bandwidth of 540 MHz. It can be equipped with as much as 4 GB of onboard memory for generation of a wide range of waveforms, from standard CW and pulsed signals to in-phase/quadrature (I/Q) signals for differential signal testing. The AWG is compatible with the company’s Signal Studio software to simplify the generation of waveforms.

“The Keysight Streamline Series platform enables organizations to address the ever-increasing pressure to stay productive, optimize resources, and meet tight deadlines in creating new electronic devices,” said Dave Cipriani, vice-president and general manager (GM) of Keysight's oscilloscope business. "Customers can now move confidently across every stage of their product lifecycle by leveraging accurate, repeatable results from whichever form factor they need: compact USB, modular, or benchtop.”