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Vaunix Flaunts New Programmable Test Solutions at IMS 2015

May 19, 2015
Vaunix further expanded its complement of programmable RF devices with new signal generators, attenuators, switches, and phase shifters for use in a host of test applications.

With its eye on test applications, Vaunix further expanded its complement of programmable RF devices with new signal generators, attenuators, and switches. Its LSG and LMS Lab Brick signal generators handle full-sized test signal sources without having to employ rack equipment. Their frequencies range from 20 MHz to 20 GHz, and they maintain high output levels and high spectral purity. The LDA series of Lab Brick digital attenuators offer 120 dB of programmable attenuation through 6 GHz. Applications include low-cost fading simulators for multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) and single-input, multiple-output (SIMO) communications systems (e.g., WiMAX, 3G, LTE).

Lab Brick switches carry 10-W power-handling capability, offering solid-state solutions in single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) and single-pole, four-throw (SP4T) configurations. Finally, the Lab Brick shifter family, featuring 1-degree phase resolution through 12 GHz, offers high phase accuracy. The devices will find application in beamforming and phased-array antenna systems. All Lab Bricks are powered by USB and controlled via a graphical-user-interface (GUI) software. The IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS2015) runs from May 17-22.


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