Adjacent Channel Power Ratio, Eye Diagram, Symbol table and scalar measurements with pass/fail results are among the tests available for verifying the compliance of a P25 Phase1 C4FM signal to the TIA-102 standard. (Courtesy of Tektronix)

Transmitter Test Solution Supports P25 Emergency Comm Standards

Aug. 21, 2014
Tektronix developed test software that complies with the Project 25 (P25) standard for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) emergency services.

Project 25 (P25), a set of standards developed for communications between federal, state, and local public safety agencies during critical emergencies, with compliant test software from Tektronix. Developed by the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and the Telecommunications Industry Association, P25 sets standards for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) services.

The software, which runs on Tektronix spectrum analyzers, Windows-based oscilloscopes, and SignalVu PCs linked with the company’s MDO4000B scopes, gives RF test and safety engineers pushbutton measurements with automated pass/fail reporting for the P25 Common Air Interface (CAI) standard. In addition to simple validation and verification, Tektronix’s solution makes it possible to debug signal issues with multi-domain cross-correlation, including time overview, spectrum, phase, and modulation. MDO4000B scopes combine the functionality of the company’s mixed signal oscilloscopes with a dedicated spectrum-analyzer channel to deliver more comprehensive debug capability.

P25 is used primarily by North American and Australian public safety and government organizations. It’s now moved into early phases of Phase 2 deployment.

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