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Norway to Field Next-Gen Comprehensive Electronic-Warfare System

Sept. 12, 2023
Rohde & Schwarz will deliver the Heimdall comprehensive electronic warfare system to the Norwegian army to improve their scope of surveillance.

This article is part of the TechXchange: Defense Electronics.

The face of warfare is changing, and the Russo-Ukrainian War is arguably the first military conflict to be fully electronic. Both of the armed forces and non-state groups involved are employing unmanned aerial systems, remote vehicles, and other guided and autonomous weapons platforms. Even the cheapest and most flimsy flying consumer drones can be weaponized as a force-multiplier that could cause catastrophic damage. Addressing these advanced weaponized systems and their legacy compatriots on the battlefield is a priority for every nation on the globe.

One example of the growth in the procurement of countermeasures to the smart battlefield is evidenced in Norway. Their government chose a Rohde & Schwarz solution for a comprehensive electronic-warfare system that's now being phased into the Norwegian army.

This new electronic surveillance system is called Heimdall. The Norwegian army selected the Rohde & Schwarz equipment for its excellent RF characteristics, fast signal processing and well-engineered operability. The overall acquisition purpose was to improve the scope of surveillance and to provide better situational awareness.

“A key factor for mission success is the ability to gain information superiority and situational awareness,” explains Wolfgang Marchl, Vice President Government Rohde & Schwarz. “Heimdall enables the Norwegian Army to detect, locate, and analyze information faster and more efficiently and to increase the army's capability in electronic warfare.”

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