Micro Lambda Wireless
0521 Mw Micro Lambda Wireless Mlat Attenuators Promo

Programmable Attenuators Cover 10 MHz to 21 GHz

May 4, 2021
Micro Lambda Wireless’s new programmable attenuators come in miniature packages and provide either 31.5 or 63 dB of signal squelching.

Programmable attenuators are handy devices on the bench, or even in some production situations. Micro Lambda Wireless has released a line of such devices, fully user programmable, in standard frequency models covering 10 MHz to 21 GHz with either 31.5 (MLAT-1000A) or 63 dB (MLAT-1000B) of attenuation across the full range.

Standard models are specified to operate from 0°C to +50°C but extended-temperature versions covering -40° to +85°C are available on special order. Also available are options for power-flatness correction and an internal gain module.

Applications for these attenuators include wideband receivers, automated test systems, telecom, satellite communications, UAVs and drones, and a variety of military and commercial test applications.

The attenuators come in a miniature package measuring 2.0” x 2.0” x .50” tall. Units come with a 10-pin Molex connector for all input voltages and signals as well as a standard USB Mini-B connector. They’re available in six to eight weeks ARO.   

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