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Waveform Generators Sample at Rates to 50 Gb/s

Aug. 24, 2020
These arbitrary waveform generators can play back captured signals by merit of sampling rates reaching 50 Gb/s.

High-speed test receivers in oscilloscopes and real-time spectrum analyzers often capture signals of interest that cannot be duplicated. Fortunately, the AWG70000B Series arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) from Tektronix operate at sampling rates to 50 Gb/s and 10-bit vertical resolution, making it possible to duplicate almost any real signals. For test purposes or as part of electronic-countermeasures (ECM) systems, these AWGs provide clean outputs, with a spurious-free dynamic range of -80 dBc. They can be equipped with as much as 32 Gigasamples of waveform memory for storing a library of signals and waveform responses.

A wide modulation bandwidth of 20 GHz makes it possible to create a wide range of pulses with these AWGs for testing and simulating the performance or commercial and military radar systems. The display screen (see figure) simplifies operation without an external control computer and multiple units can be linked together directly for generating streams of complex waveforms. The AWG works seamlessly with modeling and mathematical software programs to create or duplicate complex waveforms captured in the field, whether they are analog or digital (to 12 GB/s). 

Tektronix, www.tek.com