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Protocol-Analyzer Platform Debugs 8-Lane PCIe 5.0

July 29, 2020
Platform supports link speeds up to 32 GT/s, and connects with other analyzers for multiprotocol functionality.

In its Xgig 5P8 Analyzer Platform for PCI Express 5.0, Viavi Solutions enables equipment manufacturers to ensure performance in accordance with the latest revision of the ubiquitous serial computer expansion bus standard.

The PCIe 5.0 standard doubles data capacity over a PCIe link to 32 Gb/s per unidirectional channel, or greater than 1 Tb/s across the common 16-lane bidirectional slot interface. This acceleration of speed correlates with the performance demands of emerging bandwidth- and compute-intensive applications such as 400 Gigabit Ethernet, IoT, hyperscale, and artificial intelligence (AI). Component manufacturers need test platforms that will validate performance according to the standard, while maintaining familiar user interfaces and management environments to minimize training needs and startup costs.

The Xgig 5P8 platform provides protocol analysis for PCIe 5.0 traffic at all layers of the protocol stack. It supports link widths up to 8 lanes and link speeds to 32 GT/s. It also provides both PCIe and NVMe protocol-analysis functions and full downward compatibility to PCIe 4.0. In today’s complex, multiprotocol environments where integrated analysis with other interfaces such as Ethernet, SAS, and FC are required, the Xgig 5P8 connects with other VIAVI analyzers designed for these protocols to provide time-correlated, multiprotocol views.

The Xgig 5P8 chassis has 128 GB of memory and flexible allocation to capture and save multiple data traces. The chassis provides advanced PCIe and NVMe level trigger and search capabilities designed to speed debug and resolution of issues. Interposer autotuning greatly simplifies and speeds system use and enables repeatable capture results.

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