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Software Augments VNA IMD Measurements

July 13, 2015
New software is a key part of improved measurement capabilities for a line of microwave VNAs.

A number of options added to the VectorStar family of vector network analyzers (VNAs) were developed with the intent of aiding intermodulation (IMD) measurements. New IMDView software delivers a straightforward graphical user interface (GUI), which makes complex IMD measurements much easier with a VNA. The software and VNA combination allows operators to modify key parameters while witnessing the effects of those changes. In addition, the software helps track frequency bands of interest and power levels of the two tones used in the IMD measurements. An internal RF combiner/switch option provides single-connection IMD measurements without the need to reconnect cables in a measurement setup. This reduces setup and measurement time and improves overall accuracy by reducing concatenation errors.

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