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High-Def Scopes Race To 1 GHz

Nov. 21, 2013
Several lines of high-definition digital sampling oscilloscopes (DSOs) enable measurements across bandwidths as wide as 1 GHz with sampling rates to 2.5 GSamples/s.

The HDO4000-MS and HDO6000-MS series of high-definition oscilloscopes from Teledyne LeCroy combine 16 channels of mixed-signal measurement capabilities with long memories, bandwidths from 200 to 1000 MHz, and large 12.1-in. touchscreen displays with intuitive operating interfaces for ease of use. The instruments are shipped with useful debugging tools, including analog and digital cross pattern measurements, digital timing measurements, logic gate emulation, and activity indicators. The oscilloscopes can be extended further with the firm’s spectrum-analyzer and power-measurement software tools. The HDO4000-MS oscilloscopes feature a sample rate of 2.5 GSamples/s with as much as 25 Mpoints/channel memory (as much as 50 Mpoints/channel when interleaved) in two- and four-channel models from 200 MHz to 1 GHz. The HDO6000-MS oscilloscopes are available in four-channel models with sample rates of 2.5 GSamples/s, maximum 250-Mpoints/channel memory, and bandwidths of 350 MHz, 500 MHz, and 1 GHz. The additional available software packages include the spectrum analyzer package, which converts the controls of an HDO into those for a spectrum analyzer, with adjustments for frequency span, resolution bandwidth, and center frequency. Similarly, the power analysis software enables one of the HDOs to quickly measures and analyzes the operating characteristics of power conversion devices and circuits. P&A: $11,800 to $19,200 (HDO4000-MS) and $17,700 to $22,700 (HDO6000-MS).

Teledyne LeCroy, 700 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977-6499; (800) 553-2769.

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