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High-Speed Scopes Conquer 33 GHz

Aug. 20, 2013
A new line of digital oscilloscopes provides measurement bandwidths as wide as 33 GHz.

One of the leading suppliers of high-speed oscilloscopes, Tektronix, has introduced its new MSO/DPO70000DX series of instruments with bandwidths of 23, 25, and 33 GHz. The MSO high-speed oscilloscopes feature 16 digital channels for measurement versatility, with impressive 80-ps timing resolution on all 16 channels for accurate feedback when evaluating high-speed memory, serial buses, and other logic circuits. They also are capable of performing analog validation of high-speed signals on four high-bandwidth channels. MSO models are available with 23-, 25-, and 33-GHz bandwidth and include iCapture™ simultaneous digital-analog acquisition capability, unique to Tektronix performance MSOs and logic analyzers. This feature allows the engineer to easily and quickly verify the analog characteristics of any of the 16 signals connected to the MSO70000DX series’ digital channels without changing probes or connections. The MSO and DPO instrument models in the new series feature wider dynamic range of 600 mV/div (6 V at full scale) at the maximum voltage setting, which is five times the dynamic range available in the earlier 70000D series instruments. The record length is also longer, at 1 GSamples/channel on two channels. Along with the new MSO/DPO oscilloscopes, the company also introduced the P7600 series of measurement probes with available bandwidths to 33 GHz. The probes can perform differential, single-ended, and common mode measurements with a single coaxial or solder-down connection and provide high sensitivity of 3.48 mV/div. Pricing for the MSO/DPO70000DX series oscilloscopes starts at $178,000.

Tektronix, Inc., 14150 SW Karl Braun Dr., P.O. Box 500, Beaverton, OR 97077; (800) 833-9200.

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